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    NFC Refresh Phone Case Protective Cover for Iphone

    NFC Refresh Phone Case Protective Cover for Iphone

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    Conveniently Never Change Your Case Again!

    Craft your own personalized phone case with DIY printing and have the ability to switch up the design whenever you desire. It's like getting a new phone every day, at no additional cost! Get ready to experience endless excitement and creativity. 

    Unlock the power of NFC technology 

    Maximize your phone's capabilities and enhance your user experience without the need for a battery or tail plug. Utilize NFC technology to seamlessly transmit data. The ultra-low-power smart ink technology allows for minimal battery consumption when switching patterns, maintaining the phone's battery life. 

    Endless DIY Customization

    Easily update your picture on the go with our user-friendly application. Choose from a wide selection of professionally designed templates and images, or simply select pictures from your phone or camera for a personalized touch. The options are endless!

    Multiple layers of protection

     With wrap-around notches and an explosion-proof shell, your phone is fully protected from falls, scratches and drops. Stay worry-free and keep your phone safe with this durable case!  

    Perfect Protection Design

    Shield your phone's screen and lens with a durable bracket layer. Drop your phone with confidence as the case prevents damage. Enjoy vibrant colors and a page-like screen with Four Color Ink technology. Enhance your photos with the "Ink Filter" feature. 

    Easy to install

    Experience the incredible smart ink technology that effortlessly displays and preserves your selected image on the case without draining any battery.

    Step 1: Connect your phone and case using NFC

    Step 2: Capture or select a photo

    Step 3: Upload the photo to the app

    Step 4: Share it with the world!


    • Colors: Black/ Gray/ White
    • Model: From Iphone 13
    • Features: Magnetic, Washable, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Dual Layer, Dustproof, Non-Slip, Waterproof/Underwater, Water-Resistant, Wireless charging